Howling at the Moon

I'm a day early. The full moon hits us tomorrow evening, clear skies willing. To honor our lunar queen, I've downed a few fermented beverages and I'm up later than usual. This happens. The full moon affects me, or perhaps I look for excuses to have an extra drink and stay up late.  

If nothing else, I'm celebrating a good day. I attended a tech seminar, got some decent writing down on the page, had a good phone call and managed a killer ride where I climbed a bunch and got all muddy.  

I'm also in the midst of prepping for a week of camping and bike riding in the desert with one of my closest friends. Instead of packing a laptop and charger, I'm packing my Mosaic flask (thanks Aaron) filled with a favorite bourbon, an Ed Abbey book that's new to me and all the intel I can manage on cliff dwellings and petroglyphs in the area. We're going to howl at the moon. Do man stuff. (And I'm all for the ladies doing woman stuff) We'll dream big dreams and tell bad jokes. We'll come back tired and refreshed. I can't wait.