Rambleur Rising

Rambleur Rising is a premium gravel coaching and consulting firm. We help riders of all levels achieve their gravel cycling and bikepacking goals with personalized training, equipment consultation, and race planning.

We’ve experienced all the top gravel races in the United States and through customized, long-term coaching, we help ensure race day success.



Personalized Coaching

Rambleur Rising offers one-on-one coaching for athletes looking to find their next level. We'll help you train for the races on your calendar to help you achieve your gravel, bikepacking, and ultra cycling goals. 

  • Personalized workouts tailored to your goals, lifestyle, and schedule

  • Weekly check-ins with coaches

  • Premium Training Peaks account

  • Personal equipment consultation

  • $400 per month


Kristen Legan brings extensive coaching experience in endurance sports and has worked with athletes of all athletic backgrounds and experiences. A former pro triathlete, podium finisher at Dirty Kanza and elite cyclocross racer, Kristen has helped first-time racers, experienced veterans and professional athletes achieve their goals while keeping training and racing fun and meaningful.


Equipment expert and gravel guru Nick Legan is on hand to answer equipment questions, help with race plans, and provide insider tips for countless gravel events across the globe. He’s a former professional mechanic and author of Gravel Cycling: The Complete Guide to Gravel Racing and Adventure Bikepacking. In 2018 he finished Tour Divide in under 25 days, building upon his experience at Dirty Kanza, Land Run, Gravel Worlds, Trans Iowa, and other gravel events around the country.

photo credit: Linda Guerrette

photo credit: Linda Guerrette

photo credit: Gravel Guru

photo credit: Gravel Guru