Avoiding Hibernation

It's snowing big fat flakes of the frozen stuff outside. Days like today make you appreciate a heated space, a comfortable couch, a good book and a hot cup of joe. The decision of the day is whether to succumb to the creature comforts of modern life or suit up and get out on the fat bike for some outdoor play time. There's always the trainer too. Some intensity might be a good thing. I got in my monthly 100-mile ride a couple days ago. Legs are well recovered after two busy days of working and running around getting "things" done. 

I'm running out of indoor projects, excuses that is. I've built the wheels I needed to build. The house is clean. Cars are in good working order. Need to keep writing, as always. But all signs point to going outside. Really they always do. If you read them right. Maybe a hike today. 

Not sure if everyone else has these internal discussions. My motivation for exertion, both physical and mental, has been high. Lately the question is simply what to do, which bike to ride, where to go. All very good problems to have. I'm a lucky man. Gotta get out while the bears are all asleep. Have the woods to myself.