I woke up today

Ain't that grand! I threw on clothes and headed to my work area. I sat down at my desk at 7:04am after putting on the kettle to make coffee and feeding my dog, Cori. I wrote for 45 good minutes, finding the zone, and the words came, thankfully, pouring out. With the early light of the day brightening with each passing minute, I typed away, periodically researching a point online, then returning to the Word doc at hand.  

Only a couple times did my attention wander after that. Directing myself back to the article underway, i finished up an hour of work happy with the progress made. Plenty of new material and several minor revisions. 

My misses woke and while she readied herself for the day, I took Cori for a stroll. A cold, windy morning greeted us. Icy trail near our house kept me alert. Yellow snow kept my canine friend enthralled. 

Next up was breakfast. Scrambled some eggs for my lady and myself. Accompanied that with toast and some avocado. A bit of Tapatio hot sauce and the feast was complete. Soon after my gal loaded up her bicycle for a ride to her parents' place in Denver and a night's stay. (Love the adventurous spirit of Mrs. Legan). Then it was my turn to saddle up. Filled a couple bottles, pumped up the tires and threw on the layers. 

Two and a half hours later and several climbs under my belt I limped home, calorie depraved. A shower, food and now to relax. Not a bad Saturday.