For love of a deadline

Much has been written about procrastination. Ways to avoid it, how it can be useful, etc. Like most, I'm not a fan of procrastination. It often leads to less than stellar results.

On the other hand, I love a deadline. I'm a planner and seeing a looming deadline on my calendar motivates me to get organized and take action. That doesn't necessarily mean sitting down with a blank Word document in front of me and grunting out an article. It may mean lay groundwork. Reaching out to a contact via Facebook or email. Making a call. The other day that meant mounting up, measuring, and photographing a half dozen tires. 

But putting the deadline on the calendar is the first step. Do it. Write it down. Put it somewhere where you'll actually see it. Make it hard to ignore. That's what gets me fired up. The work is work. Sometimes it's fun, sometimes it's not. But I'm thankful for the work. It keeps me busy and pushing my limits. I've also worked hard to put myself in a situation where I love my work. I get to write about cycling, bike products, events and people. I admit that it makes a huge difference in my attitude, but there are still times when it becomes a drag. But with that deadline out there, it's better to get started than it is to sit around on my hands.